Two things still make me happy that I'm a lawyer: connection with my clients and the challenge of telling their stories as clearly and persuasively as possible, whether to judges, juries or to opposing counsel. A former newspaper reporter, I believe in the power of a few, well-chosen words. I also believe in listening closely to each client's needs, and responding with solutions that fit that client instead of cookie- cutter legal responses. I strive to provide excellent, responsive service and to maintain a high level of integrity with my clients and among my colleagues.

After 20 plus years as a partner in two large regional law firms, I started my own practice because I want to make my own choices about how and for whom I practice law. Although I am dedicated to working diligently for my clients, I continually seek balance in my professional and personal life. When I'm not working, I enjoy writing fiction and non-fiction, running, biking, hiking and swimming. I enjoy art and music of all kinds, cooking, conversations and travel. I'm an avid reader of histories, biographies and fiction totally unrelated to the law. The older I get, the more I impressed I am by genuine humility and an open heart. I’m helped in my efforts to stay humble when I hang around young people like my twin children, daughter and son, who regularly remind me how little I really know, strive to keep me honest, and always keep me laughing.

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